History of AMORC

The Rosicrucian Order AMORC traces its tradition back to the mystery schools of ancient Egypt and Europe.

Its teachings are the development of some of the greatest mystical minds through the ages and much of the material within the teachings cannot be found anywhere else.

The present cycle of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC began in the United States in 1915 by Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, who received the authority from the Rosicrucian Order in Europe.

At that time, the teachings of the Rosicrucian Order were available to members through the oral tradition only. It was Dr Lewis's life vision to make the Rosicrucian teachings more widely available. His vision became the foundation of the unique home study system now available to hundreds of thousands of members throughout the world.

In Australia, the Rosicrucian Order AMORC was officially started on 5 January 1930 when a number of Rosicrucian students met at an apartment in Bondi, Sydney. On that date they formed the first study group in Australia and held the first Convocation of Australian Rosicrucians.

The Australian group was later joined by groups in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines under the auspices of the English speaking Grand Lodge based in California, USA.

In the mid '90s it was agreed that a Grand Lodge based in Australia would be able to better serve the membership of Australia as well as New Zealand, South East Asia and the Pacific. In 1996 the Grand Lodge for Australia, Asia and New Zealand was formed.

Today the Grand Lodge for Australia, Asia and New Zealand is based in Strathalbyn, South Australia not far from the city of Adelaide.